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What  started  out  as  a  simple  treat  has  grown  into a full  blown sweet   drizzeled  chocolatey  party.  Decadent pretzels, tantalizing truffle cakes, and gourmet  chocolate popcorn like you’ve never had before.

The brother/sister who team up to run the company we know as Num Yummies™ are a young, business-minded, vibrant duo. They are excited to share their surprising fun treats with you. 

Our Confections

Our  confections  are  the  life  of  the  party  and  you  can  b ring that party  right  to  your  doorstep  with  just  a  click  of  a button.  The  perfect  blend  of  sweet,  salty,  and  chocolate gives  you  that  num  yummies  experience.  

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Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, United States

(414) 766-8141


Tuesday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Saturday: 10am - 4pm

Sunday: Closed